Controlling My Feelings

I have finally called my own bluff and stopped working completely.  I have spurned all offers of great jobs.  I wanted to exercise, take care of my family, my possessions, myself, sloooowww down. I should be loving this!  But I worry all the time about what job I will take when I am ready, trying to cut back drastically on eating out and spending, and generally have difficulty training my mind to savor this hiatus.  I need my Handel life coach!

I went through a life coaching crash course over several months a few years ago, and my relationships all got juicier and I felt in control of my life.  Time to go back and re-design the 8 areas of my life.  It feels flat.  I want it to feel deep and satisfying!


Welcome to My Blog!

I just set up my own blog, in 20 minutes, using Michael Hyatt’s wonderful instructions at  I plan to post every few days as I explain my radical reinvention from a buttoned-down money-lovin’ real estate attorney/mom/wife/daughter to a matrix-style rogue blogger!  I will share my journey and tools in the hopes I can encourage those of you who feel a deeply buried wildness ready to break free from civilized structure of the corporate kind.  Not that I hate corporations, mind you.  They have fed, clothed, educated and entertained me and my family for the last 30 years.  But there is more to life to fill in from 50+ on.  I will stretch my imagination and create a whole new me, tracking it to create a whole new you if you want it.  Opening up the imagination and identifying/setting aside old unconscious limits is the key.

Hang on!  And Hang in!  ~~Kitty





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